Desert Vert Festival is designed as a cultural, touristic, social and ecological experience – an annual meeting to be held on the first weekend of October, in Couleurs Berberes, which is a 7-hectare large park near Lalla Takerkoust Lake and the Atlas mountains, 30 minutes away from Marrakech.

The festival is intended to be a role model regarding rural development and is connected to an international network introduced at Babel Sound Festival in Hungary, supported by other European countries.

The wild rural territory of Couleurs Berberes represents unique cultural and architectural features of the region, like nomad tents and eco-domes. It also benefits from national and international partners’ expertise of recycling and use of renewable energy. In the area there are apartments suitable for artistic activities such as music, theatre, photography and Moroccan popular arts. We aim to gather an active community, interested in cultural questions, for the benefit of the local population.

On the main stage of the festival, acoustic concerts will be performed. Local and guest bands, musicians from different parts of the world will give special concerts together. Thus, Desert Vert Festival intends to enforce Morocco’s strategic role regarding the dialogue between African, Arab and international cultures.