All inclusive packages include accommodation in 2-bed or 4-bed tents.

The tents offer 20m² of space, they are all fixed, secure and waterproof, equipped with air conditioning/heating, with a decorative cotton fabric covering the inside and a frame of iron consolidating the template of the tent. The tent frame is buried in a slab, providing insurance and immobility. On the exterior of the frame it is covered with an authentic Bedouin cloth made of goat wool fiber, which makes them hermetic.

Capacity of 4 pax per tent, each tent is provided with curtains inside, dividing the tent for privacy and 5 windows covered with mosquito nets

Each room is provided with comfortable bedding: 190/90 cm mattress, wooden bed frame, organic cotton towels (small and large sizes) and bed sheets, Berber handmade blankets and carpets, a small traditional mosaic night stand and a lantern with an electric bulb and 2 electric plugs.

Sanitary blocs

The tents don't have private bathrooms. In the four corners of the camp there are 4 sanitary blocks of 105m ² each, with tiled floor and walls, overall:
• 64 showers
• 64 sinks with mirrors
• Lighting and individual plugs (for hair dryers et electrical shaving machines)
• 32 toilets
• Cold/Hot water
This is to avoid long queues at the WC in the morning/evening.